12of12 may 2014

It's monday... Picked out my favourite mug. Though no coffee, only green tea. Miss NYC so much.

After some really bad days I eat completely gluten free. Miss bread.

My succulent collection.

Dark clouds, rain and windy.

New MVV-card for the week.

Still rainy and windy in München-Pasing.

Unfortunately no new MollieMakes, but found the new Couch.

Daily life. With the bus to pre school.

Even better. Thunder with hail shower!

Another gluten free dinner.

Found it in Couch. I so love that idea!!! And psst, we're going to NYC in august. :D

Our daily InstaG.



1.) Was hast du vor?
Travelling to Estonia

2.) Was hast du an?
Not much.
3.) Was findest du "wow"?
Marimekko shop in Copenhagen

4.) Was hättest du gern?
"cat the neighbour", so sweet

5.) Was muss heute sein?
 Caramel frappuccino @ Munich airport

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12 of 12 in july Travelling day

4 AM

 Frappuccino @ Munich 5 AM

 Munich Airport

Marimekko shop @ Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport

Arrived in Tallinn, waiting for luggage.

Welcome to Estonia

Estonia from buswindow (free wifi btw)



cat the neighbour

 great estonian meal

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Heute ist Frage-Foto-Freitag und Steffi von Ohhh...mhhh...Blog hat neue Fragen:

1.) Jemand, mit dem du gerade viel Zeit verbringst? (kann sonst auch ein Gegenstand sein)
Mit dem Wuschelkopf.

2.) Etwas, das du gern dabei hast?
LittleMissMatched Portemonnaie aus New York.

3.) Was tut dir im Moment gut?

4.) Was fandest du sehr lustig?
Jetzt kommt der Witz: "ich gehe mal KURZ auf Pinterest".

5.) Gerne morgens?
Kaffee und Laptop. Heute in passenden Farben zu 4th of july.


12 of 12 may

5th mothers day :)

our train station

1st coffee

love my new stuff in kitchen

good weather?

rainy weather & thunder

new fabrics (but no time at the moment)

breakfast at 2PM

Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum

Google+ upload was soooooo slow today. No idea why.

Tomorrow (or at night after tomorrow) I'll post 13 of 13. ;) 
Come back if you like travelling & NY.

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12 of 12 april (my first with Insta)

On the road again (grandma's visiting us)

2nd coffee under palms @...

...Creativmesse München

 Pozilei-car :)



Rhabarber-Baiser from Wimmer

Sun in the evening.

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