12 of 12 of 12 :)

1. First - coffee. Wow, the wheather is wonderful. Blue sky and sunny. 
I'm obsessed with washi tape??? Where did You get that idea??!!! :DDDD

2. "Eat dessert first" says the back side. Crafting the presents.

 3. More crafting.

4. Finally our railway station starts looking better. 

 5. Bookshopping in our favourite bookstore.

6. Shopping with playtable. My son loves it.

7. The sky is soooo blue!

8. Testing the new shoes.

 9. Somewhere here is our car.

10a+b. Won this cool PiepEi. And more packing and unpacking today (and tomorrow).

11. Crafting with favourite view.

 12. And more crafting in the night.

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